I will not bow to the hoodlums

Lucky Dube didn’t

And I won’t

Why should I?


They fool all the people all the time

They steal their votes

They blatantly rub them of victory

They chase their women

And rape their daughters in broad daylight.


They walk down the wrong way

Their pockets dripping with blood

Their breath filled with alcohol

Their trouser zips pulled right down

Their coats thrown off

Their shirt collars unbuttoned

And they call themselves men of the people.


They speak out of both sides of the mouth

They call white, black

And black, white

They have falsified their birth certificates

And short-changed their job descriptions


They sit on two stools at once

And ride three horses in one go

They eat food for three people

And walk on fellow human beings

With girl children as their walking sticks


They call themselves men of God

That’s why today

We worship the man of God

Instead of the God of man.


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