I want a woman

A woman of my own

A woman to my taste

One cut to size

One tailor-made for me

On my own specifications.


I don’t want her tall or short

No, just medium height

I don’t want her fair or dark

No, I want her chocolate brown

Somewhere in-between

If you like, a mix

A mixture

A cross

A hybrid

A crossbreed

A combination

A blend

An assortment

A concoction


A permutation

A mingling

An intermingling

An amalgam




I want a woman who has

Smallish, Chinese-like eyes

With a hint of her mother’s dreamy eyes

And a slight pronouncement of her father’s puffy jaws

I want one with a flat stomach

A slim and straight neck

A smooth chin

Slender and athletic legs

I want her that way

So that when we walk the streets

The heads of wishful thinkers will turn

But turn in vain

Because I’d already have had her

Gift wrapped, parceled up, delivered

With my name written all over her

As she is mine



And utterly.



I want a woman, a real one

Who will wear curls in the morning?

Rasta in the afternoon

And perms in the evening

And above all, at bed time I want her hair

Combed and groomed

So that it looks fresh and natural

And suffocates me with its aromatic perfume

Thus I can run my fingers through it

In a manner that is pure, unalloyed and unbridled

All of that, as we lock horns with each other

And make love.



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