On the 21st of November 2013, I posted on my blog ( an article entitled, « DECISIVE FRANCOPHONE MINISTERS, HESITANT ANGLOPHONE MINISTERS ». The article can be revisietd by clicking on the following link which then opens up the approrpiate page of the blog :

Today, Former Minister in charge of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic, Professor Peter Abety sent me his reaction. Here it is below in its entirety :

« Dear colleague, I think you are mistaken in your analyses and you seem to be laying unwarranted blame on Anglophone Ministers, as well as giving undue credit to the SDF Chairman in the political arena. Anglophone ministers generally do not make a public show of their relationship with Ni John Fru Ndi but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exchange visits. When I was in Government I visited the Chairman and had breakfast with him while chatting on our political differences. This was not national news. When he was bereaved on two occasions, I was at his home along with the former PM Achidi Achu and other present and former CPDM ministers from the Anglophone regions.

The move by the Chairman of the SDF to approach President BIYA in December 2010 was belated and certainly from a position a visible weakness. I was part of a delegation of North Westerners led by the renowned Prof. Anomah Ngu who went to the Chairman in 1992 urging him to dialogue with President Paul Biya. He turned down our request with words that were not kind to us. Prof. Ngu felt insulted and with surgical precision predicted that the Chairman shall in future go up to the President when he will be so weak politically as to gain nothing significant from the encounter. It is also worth noting that on the invitation of the Cameroon Government, the celebrated South African Bishop Desmond Tutu and other dignitaries also visited the Chairman at his Ntarikon residence and tried in vain to convince him to dialogue with the President……

As an Anglophone elite I am convinced that the whole idea of the SDF, perceived nationwide as an Anglophone party, is a fundamental error. We Anglophones are a numerical minority in Cameroon and it is almost suicidal for us to make ourselves a political minority as well….. For example the African Americans in the USA will never have produced a President if they had formed a Black party and militated 100% in it. They have got to the top through integrating into one of the two majority parties… The CPDM is THE majority party in Cameroon and that’s where we need to belong if we want to participate in decision making in Cameroon. Let’s be realistic.

Prof. Peter Abety »



Tikum Mbah Azonga



  1. I appreciiate prof view point but let’s understand that we r dealx wit a human activity wich got human behaviour as principal. So the SDF is evn to de advantage of de president as its communicates to de entire world dat there is democracy in cameroon wich is growx mature.couple wit its existence it has given quality political thoughts to some cameroonians who nw see politics as a game of interest n serius lobbying. Moreover politics is de interest of de stronger party but dat party shld understand dt jst john locke said if a government in power isn’t responsive it shld be throne away for better light to come as well as machiavelli who concludes dt human beings do admire change n who so ever forster chnge shall always gain de pples consent. So to my stand point I thank de SDF party for deir existence cus dey hv reli enlghten some of us on political manoevre

  2. It is good you now expose numerous attempts to corrupt Fru Ndi with intention to take our fatherland back to Single party rule. Thank you Fru Ndi for having stood your grounds. But Cameroonians are annoyed with you because you did not stand these your grounds to the end. You and Biya (your best friend)happens to be unfortunate victims of mental illness; with Mimic psychopathology of Aging Dementia. This comes with greedy quest for self gains and lost opportunities in Life, This explain why you both refused to give up the Chairmanship positions your parties and Biya refused to give up State leadership for more than 30yrs. These are your areas of weaknesses in leadership. There is no need Dr. Tikum Azonga for you to throw such debates because you are asking us to choose between two devils. As for Mr. Former Minister, you barred your anglophone brothers from meeting the head of state when you were at the presidency and I am one of them. I am still waiting your promised call from the Presidency when Biya will be on seat.

  3. Is very interesting not surprising though that Dr Aberty and many others still dream that the CPDM is the Majority Party in Cameroon when most Cameroonians know that this so called majority comes from rigged elections, using of State resources to corrupt the electorates, (so clearing in the just conducted twin elections) siphoning State money to muffle the jaws of the military to secure the perceived majority. Dr is part of these ills, how can he think under wise. Yes, the Chairman of the SDF has his own political shortcomings as does any politician but to say he is dialoguing with Biya on a weak position is not correct. How can you have meaningful dialogue with someone who is as cunning as a serpent? We all know Biya has never been sincere to Cameroonians in his 31years as president. What Cameroon has been under him in 31 years is disaster; look at our economy, road network, education, justice, democracy you can name the rest. My humble opinion is we should collectively rebuild this our father land by being objective to ourselves. We should shelve egoism, selfishness, this favored culture that I can only contribute to a better Cameroon if I am part of the CPDM, and those ills which I think Dr is well aware of them as part of the CPDM regime. Cameroon is more than the CPDM party, the party will one day disappear from the political arena but Cameroon will still be there till thy kingdom come. And CPDM should know that Cameroon is NOT ONLY Paul Biya, Cameroon IS YOU IS ME.

  4. I wonder whether it’s even worth the troubling contributing to this. What is clear to all is that Cameroon is facing irreversible retrogression in every sphere and this is attributed to unacceptable longevity and stale leadership. Biya imagines he is a deity and in the process has killed all talents, ideas and has blocked the way for aspiring leaders of a new generation. God knows why this terrible situation is prevailing in Cameroon. For the reconstruction and rebirth of Cameroon we need refreshing ideas from somebody totally new. Biya cannot be reformed and should go away in peace and leave us. Even if it means having another Bulu man, so be it.

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