(For that Aries girl)

It is said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
Sure, everyone takes it for cannon fodder
Even so, my vision of life is very clear
It`s to be who I am when I want
This your world is my oyster and my sea
I want to swing from pole to pole, gainfully
Like Galileo`s pendulum
I care about twin otters
But I prioritize myself
After all, if I don`t, who will?

As an Aries, each night and day I get hotter and bolder
But at the right time, I can also be a patient mother
I always want to make myself crystal clear
So that you know me and know what I want
But what a pity that when men behold me
They only notice my beauty
They gasp, “Exquisite beauty!” these hoodlums!
Anyway, for that beauty, I thank God the father
For never will I allow myself
To go against his holy will.


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