What, really, can I say?
You`ve said everything
The sky birds no longer flutter
The lions no longer roar like thunder
The downpour has ceased abruptly
And you and I are still interlocked
Where we stood yesterday
Rooted, hypnotized, mesmerized
But is it you or me?

The only thing I can do now is open my shop everyday
For surely what I don`t want is a fling
Over my shoulder there is no blocked gutter
What preoccupies me most is my boutique yonder
It`s restocked with new goods that are my choicest bounty
But mind you, music is my heart and not the bird that was mocked
So, not even Michael Faraday
Could make me feel so ecstatic, so flabbergasted and so eulogized
But, please, tell me: What is your fee?


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