The bible, that good old companion
Is a sharp pointer of good news for man
Depicting in all accuracy man’s rise and fall
The alpha and the omega everlasting
For Jesus then, like for Sam now.

People can choose the manner, like tearful onion
But not the day. No! Not even you as you lie here Sam
Even so, wherever you are, I know you walk tall
Whether in chambers, or with friends of at Rock Farm working
I know Christ is with you because he made that vow
Farewell, brother!


Barrister Sam Achu died ten years ago. On the day he was lying in state at the Santa home of his father, Former Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Simon Achidi Achu, I was there to pay him my last respects. When I approached the condolence book to write down my feelings, the outcome was the poem above


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