By Tikum Mbah Azonga

(For Mme NJIKI Alice, Principal of FCSS, Obili-Yaounde)

What a world!
And I choose my words advisedly
Gosh! Why the mad race?
Can’t people really take the time to do things
Correctly and well?
Do we realize what a single mistake can cause us
In the short term and the long term?
It’s not because I’m the so-called perfectionist Virgo
Some say my standards are too high
But isn’t it better? Let’s throw mediocrity in the gutter
Aim high, even if you shoot low!
For once, let’s change, let’s adjust.

It’s not about me or my word
But I like decency and hate those who speak carelessly
We can buy many things, but not grace
Even if things go round and round like in rings
I know who I am and I know where I dwell
I strongly uphold the ideals of this great school given us
I’m no novice, and as principal I take note of all terms
If there were things to be done, I did mine a long time ago
Not one who likes surprises, I prefer to ride high
It’s either all or nothing; that’s why I like the truth, even if it’s bitter
Always prepared for the blow
I fight to win, although I can also readjust.


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