Her image is magnetic
Eyebrows, lipstick, hairdo, It’s not just electronic
It’s also systemic
Her look is concentric
And that’s just because I said she was terrific
But I also know her bite can be vitriolic.

Every Facebook man has viewed her profile
With some even doing so on exile
Some men hide so their partners don’t think they’re vile
All of us would like to feel her textile
Even you Charles who just came from the Nile
So don’t start lying like a drunk in a pig’s style.

All of us – yes, all – want her
We fantasize about taking her far
We wish we could press our lips against hers
We suspect each other and call each other the poisoned oyster
We each claim to have taken off her V pants like the panther
We boast we know her private parts and number
And that only last night we spoke to her.

But why is she like this?
So near for dreams like this
Yet so far to give one that kiss
Or would she rather hiss?
No matter what you do, you’ll all miss
For she is my Fleur de Lys!


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